Are you right wing?

I’ve always been pretty right of centre, politically speaking. I’m not really sure where it came from, as my parents are pretty left – not extreme left, but certainly not on the centre line.

I was excited about Cameron’s election, even if it wasn’t quite as satisfying as it could have been. It’s a shame we need Nick Clegg to act as Maggie in the opening titles of The Simpsons. Rumour has it he’s going to get his own fake steering wheel.

So what I’m asking is, are you right wing? Even just a little bit? You can still be left, with a bit of right at heart. Nobody’s going to judge you here. I’m just interested to see what people think. I think social convention colours peoples views a bit when it comes to politics. People are too afraid to vote for someone different, just as they are too afraid to like a different band, clothing brand, or type of tick on their trainers. This obviously doesn’t account for all people, and certainly not the people that move in the circles in which I move. But still, an alarming number of people do fall into this category, and I wonder what sort of a place the UK would be if we didn’t have these people.

I’m not suggesting we exterminate them… but they certainly are mighty annoying.


About velkrosmaak

Opinionated, stubborn and rude. I write amusing things that piss some people off, and will have others cackling in agreement.
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  1. Mike Boozer says:

    Nice post, I like the site

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