iBook, iPad, iPhone, iDon’tCare

It’s that time again… Apple’s PR people are being made to work for their money with some excellent marketing and product launch. That’s it though. Nothing else is new here.

OK, so the new iPhone is going to have a screen at a higher resolution than humanoid pupils. Why? I don’t know. Why implement that, pushing the price up, when nobody, ever, is going to be able to make use of that? It’s not a case of futureproofing, this will NEVER be of any use to anybody! Bit odd.

The iPad, slightly different. Obviously it’s still mainly an impressive marketing feat, but it does fill a little gap between smartphone and netbook. I’m going to fill my gap with something a little more open, perhaps Android based though.

If you have one, at least have a look at the link below. And for god’s sake jailbreak it.



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Opinionated, stubborn and rude. I write amusing things that piss some people off, and will have others cackling in agreement.
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2 Responses to iBook, iPad, iPhone, iDon’tCare

  1. Woody says:

    Haha so true. The most annoying thing about Apple is that they make out like they’ve invented things (capacitive touch screens as a good example) which have been around for ages. Fair enough they did something innovative with it, but the didn’t invent it… it’s like the way that their making out that video calling is just amazing because the 4th gen i phone has it… er i’ve had video calling capability on my phone(s) for about the last 5 years. They do look nice though. :O

    • velkrosmaak says:

      Exactly. I was forced to watch the Apple Keynote presentation about the new iPhone by a bit of a Mac fanboy friend of mine; and the way they were going on about video calling… Skype has been available freely for Windows Mobile for years as you say. They’ve just repackaged it, removed some of the features and put a lowercase “I” in front of it.

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