David Cameron flying England flag at No. 10

BBC News – Cameron England Flag Fool

I like Cameron, but when I read this I was a bit disturbed. Why would the Prime Minister of England only fly the English flag at his office during the World Cup?! Is it because he’s trying to be one of the lads?

I say get that flag up all year around or not at all. Don’t do it when some football festival is on. This has no relevance to the day to day running of our counry.

This is England, why not take pride in our identity – all year around.

This goes for all the dicks with England flags on their cars too. Get them up all year around, or not at all.

And don’t even get me started on the football competition…


About velkrosmaak

Opinionated, stubborn and rude. I write amusing things that piss some people off, and will have others cackling in agreement.
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One Response to David Cameron flying England flag at No. 10

  1. Emma says:

    It’s a total dickish thing to do! Lets fly the union jack (not just the st George one) all the time. This is Britain, it should stay as Britain and everyone who lives here should be proud to be in Britain. If you are offended by the flying of such a flag, you should question whether or not you truly value living here.

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