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iBook, iPad, iPhone, iDon’tCare

It’s that time again… Apple’s PR people are being made to work for their money with some excellent marketing and product launch. That’s it though. Nothing else is new here. OK, so the new iPhone is going to have a … Continue reading

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MicroRant: People that don’t immediately GO when the light turns green

What’s with that?! It should be like formula one… as soon as the light turns green everybody should just GO GO GO! Then nobody gets stuck behind and misses the green light. Really gets my goat. What are these people … Continue reading

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Are you right wing?

I’ve always been pretty right of centre, politically speaking. I’m not really sure where it came from, as my parents are pretty left – not extreme left, but certainly not on the centre line. I was excited about Cameron’s election, … Continue reading

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